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Root canal or Extraction?

Alright; I'm not quite sure how active this community is, but I want some opinions from someone other than my dentist. While he's great at what he does, I realize that the decision I make in the next few days will also decide how much money he gets, and I want to make the right decision for me.

The nerve in 18 (bottom left molar, all the way in the back) is dead. I got an abscess in it a week or two ago and took medication to get rid of it, but still had the puss pocket on the side of my gums. I went to my dentist and he drilled into the tooth to drain it, but nothing happened, so we just put medicated junk in there (I didn't see it) and put a temporary filling in until I could get back in for a root canal.

Which is where the problem lies...the root canal is going to cost $798.00 and then then post and core is going to cost $245.00, which rounds up to about $1043.00. My insurance will cover 75% of the root canal, because it's basic, but only 50% of the post and core, because apparently that's not basic. Now, if I simply get my tooth extracted, they sad the maximum price would be about $250.00, and my insurance will cover 75% of that. The reason I am talking about the pricing is because I know I will need to get a crown on my tooth at some point, and I know those are incredibly expensive...and I also know my insurance won't cover even 50% of that, so I wouldn't be able to get it for quite some time and that gives my tooth more than enough time to weaken and start to break off and such. Is it really worth paying all that money for the root canal/post and core, when I can't afford a crown and my tooth will eventually break apart?

If you were me, or you had a good friend who had to decide between the root canal, or an extraction, what would your opinion be? Thanks.
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