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pulling teeth vs. root canal

I had a check up this morning. I need a root canal for a tooth on the lower left side. Forgot what # they called it, maybe 23? It was a filling but I bit something that broke the filling and for a year I didn't have dental insurance so the tooth got worse. I kept thinkin' I can just have them pull it. I've had ONE wisdom tooth pulled. Healing was hell but I thought, I'd do it just to get rid of the annoying pain I have with this tooth now. The dentist said she wouldn't pull it. "OVER HER DEAD BODY." She complimented my smile because I've never had braces and my teeth did so well becoming straight. She says pulling the tooth will cause the other teeth to SHIFT and the tooth ABOVE will come down. THAT scared me like crazy. Lord knows I don't want MORE work done. My mom told me they'd tell me that, because they're always trying to save someting. She doesn't want me to get a root canal because my sister had one done (many years ago) and it messed up her mouth. I'm thinkin, maybe there is better technology now? It's NOT infected yet, she perscribed antibiotics to keep it that way till we get started on the 23rd (of Jan). She said most cases where ppl have so much pain is because they already had an infected tooth and they couldn't get a good numbing. *sigh*

But I just want a 2nd opinion from somewhere...if I did get it pulled would my teeth shift and just ruin everything????? LOL.
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