Sarah (peapodjumpup) wrote in dental_nursing,

I went for a cleaning and x-ray in December with complaint of sensitivity in one tooth, and an obvious (to me), small hole at the gum line of it. Here's a drawing to better describe:

Excuse my lack of skill. Ha..

I had four cavities which needed to be filled, but there was no mention of said tooth causing me some irritation needing a fill. When I directed my dentist's attention to it, he said "The gum line's recessed and the enamel underneath exposed. Stop brushing hard."

I'm not trying to usurp his knowledge or anything, but from what I've seen (photographs) of gum recession, the enamel exposed doesn't look like a small cavity/hole. The tooth at the gum line just looks stained, and the enamel underneath somewhat raised.

If this is a cavity, should I decide to go for a second opinion, can I even get it filled without a root canal? I've switched to a sensitive paste because cold, sweet and acidic make me wanna scream.

Help most appreciated!
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