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hi, ive been really worried this lately so i was hoping someone could help me.

i got my braces off about 3-4 years ago, and wore my retainer pretty regularly afterwards, but eventually i stopped wearing it too often. ive noticed lately that one of my front teeth has shifted a bit backwards, and ive been wearing my retainer again to try and fix it...

the question is: is it too late to fix it? when i wear my retainer now it usually helps for a while and then goes back to the way it was...maybe if i wore it more often?
im just afraid to go back to my orthodontist because i dont want him to tell me i need braces again. and since my retainer doesnt fit perfectly anymore, does that mean i need a new one? my orthodontist is not really a pleasant man so i kind of hate the thought of going back again...

any help is greatly appreciated, ive been very worried about this.
thank you!
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