Louie Anderson (caustic_sofa) wrote in dental_nursing,
Louie Anderson

Cost for implant vs bridge

Last January, I had 3 teeth pulled. One was a tooth up top next to a canine.

At first, you really couldn't tell there was a tooth missing. The space was really small. As my mouth has healed I suppose, the space has only gotten bigger and I'm really self-conscious about it. When I talk normally, you can't tell. When I smile wide or laugh, there's obvious shadowing. :"( It also looks as though the canine next to it has, like, shifted down. It looks much longer than the opposite side.

Was wondering if anyone can tell me how much an implant might cost, at least an approximate, with insurance (Guardian) in the US (specifically Pennsylvania). My dentist mentioned a bridge might be a little cheaper, but they'd have to mess with other teeth as well and there's nothing wrong with them. (Please correct if it's not a bridge he was speaking of.)

Thank you!
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