Louie Anderson (caustic_sofa) wrote in dental_nursing,
Louie Anderson


I didn't receive fluoride as a kid because a) it made me extremely nauseous and b) I feared the dentist, so rarely went.

Well, with decent insurance/a job, I put my fears aside and decided to go. I need a bridge after having a tooth extracted, yes, but otherwise my teeth are okay. Not great (bite is very off), but okay.

I was wondering what the benefits of fluoride would be at an older age (I'm 22). Would a mouth rinse, such as ACT, make much of a difference in prevention of cavities, etc.? Might it help with tooth sensitivity? Are there any cons to having fluoride treatments or using rinses at my age?

One more thing - I smoke cigarettes. Despite the fact I brush and floss regularly (twice, if not 3x a day) and am regular with dental cleanings as well, my teeth stain from smoking very easily. Other than quitting (I know that's in my best interest), are there any OTC products I can use to deter stains?

Thank you
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