kara vaquera (_je_taime) wrote in dental_nursing,
kara vaquera

invisalign pricing

Hi there. I know this is somewhat subjective depending on the practitioner, but I recently had a consultation for Invisalign where I was told I would need about 12 months of treatment and the cost is $5,000. This includes retainers and whitening at the end. They said they will also need to file my bottom teeth a little which I don't understand since I've already had braces and they didn't have to do that.
From what I've read, braces typically cost about 2 to 5 thousand dollars and Invisalign is slightly more expensive. I'm wondering why this treatment is on the upper end of the spectrum I've heard since my understanding is that 12 months is relatively short, or at least not a long time for braces. Do you think this is more expensive than what should be expected?
Thanks so much!
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