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Hi there. I know this is somewhat subjective depending on the practitioner, but I recently had a consultation for Invisalign where I was told I would need about 12 months of treatment and the cost is $5,000. This includes retainers and whitening at the end. They said they will also need to file my bottom teeth a little which I don't understand since I've already had braces and they didn't have to do that.
From what I've read, braces typically cost about 2 to 5 thousand dollars and Invisalign is slightly more expensive. I'm wondering why this treatment is on the upper end of the spectrum I've heard since my understanding is that 12 months is relatively short, or at least not a long time for braces. Do you think this is more expensive than what should be expected?
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I didn't receive fluoride as a kid because a) it made me extremely nauseous and b) I feared the dentist, so rarely went.

Well, with decent insurance/a job, I put my fears aside and decided to go. I need a bridge after having a tooth extracted, yes, but otherwise my teeth are okay. Not great (bite is very off), but okay.

I was wondering what the benefits of fluoride would be at an older age (I'm 22). Would a mouth rinse, such as ACT, make much of a difference in prevention of cavities, etc.? Might it help with tooth sensitivity? Are there any cons to having fluoride treatments or using rinses at my age?

One more thing - I smoke cigarettes. Despite the fact I brush and floss regularly (twice, if not 3x a day) and am regular with dental cleanings as well, my teeth stain from smoking very easily. Other than quitting (I know that's in my best interest), are there any OTC products I can use to deter stains?

Thank you

Salary Question

Hi, my name is Jen and I'm a Dental Assistant. I currently live and work in upstate NY, I'm contemplating a move to NYC, and I hope to find a position down there as a DA. I was just wondering if anyone in this community has any helpful info/advise about the NYC Dental Industry, such as salaries and working conditions and stuff.

A little background info on me; I have been a DA since 1998, have been practicing for 8 years, 4 years in the USAF, 4 years private practice (3 years off for college) and I currently hold DANB certification. Still waiting on my NYS license (damn bureaucracy!) and I'm 2 Gen Eds away from an Associates Degree in Dental Assisting (an Associates, not a Certificate; can't say the military never did anything for me!). I've done restorative, endo, pros, just starting to assist in implant procedures, not a lot of pedo, and virtually no ortho experience (incidentally, both fields the military doesn't really do much with regards to). I'm proficient in both conventional and digital radiology, and I make darn good temp crowns.

That's all I can think of right now; any info that people could give me would be most appreciated.
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Cost for implant vs bridge

Last January, I had 3 teeth pulled. One was a tooth up top next to a canine.

At first, you really couldn't tell there was a tooth missing. The space was really small. As my mouth has healed I suppose, the space has only gotten bigger and I'm really self-conscious about it. When I talk normally, you can't tell. When I smile wide or laugh, there's obvious shadowing. :"( It also looks as though the canine next to it has, like, shifted down. It looks much longer than the opposite side.

Was wondering if anyone can tell me how much an implant might cost, at least an approximate, with insurance (Guardian) in the US (specifically Pennsylvania). My dentist mentioned a bridge might be a little cheaper, but they'd have to mess with other teeth as well and there's nothing wrong with them. (Please correct if it's not a bridge he was speaking of.)

Thank you!

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Hello there everyone! I'm afraid I need some advice. First, I have really bad teeth. It's my own fault, I'm forgetful about brushing. I've tried doing little things that might help remind me, but I just can never think of it. Anyway, yesterday one of my back gums was swollen a little bit, but this has happened before and has gone away no problems so I assumed it would do the same. I woke up this morning and the swelling had increased. I lightly pressed on it, and lo and behold some blood and pus came out. At least, I'm assuming it was pus. It was white/cream colored and milky looking. I know the obvious answer is to go to the dentist, but I know there's a lot wrong with my teeth and I don't have insurance at the moment. I won't be getting insurance for at least two months either. So please, help give me peace of mind, what do you think this is?
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Hi everyone!

Just asking for a quick bit of advice - I had a tooth pulled yesterday, and everything went really well.  Doesn't hurt much today, just a bit of sensitivity (I'm also being really careful with it!)  I was told no alcohol, which I understand why, but I'm just wondering, for how long am I not supposed to drink it?  I'm supposed to be going out for drinks tomorrow night, so I'm just wondering if I'm able to have a few drinks?  I don't want to do any damage!

Thanks :) 
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hi, ive been really worried this lately so i was hoping someone could help me.

i got my braces off about 3-4 years ago, and wore my retainer pretty regularly afterwards, but eventually i stopped wearing it too often. ive noticed lately that one of my front teeth has shifted a bit backwards, and ive been wearing my retainer again to try and fix it...

the question is: is it too late to fix it? when i wear my retainer now it usually helps for a while and then goes back to the way it was...maybe if i wore it more often?
im just afraid to go back to my orthodontist because i dont want him to tell me i need braces again. and since my retainer doesnt fit perfectly anymore, does that mean i need a new one? my orthodontist is not really a pleasant man so i kind of hate the thought of going back again...

any help is greatly appreciated, ive been very worried about this.
thank you!
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Crown Lengthening

Perhaps you dental experts can help a patient out? You have a unique perspective about these things...

I'm getting quite alot of dental work done now and I have some concerns. I was hoping you all might be able to help allay some of my fears.

The history: I had two root canals done about 10 years ago (both the upper and lower molars on the right side). I recently went in for a cleaning and was told that the root canals were done poorly, that there were gaps in the crowns, etc. So the root canals were redone about a week ago (the endodontist also found some nerve tissue that was never removed the first time), but the decay/infections were so bad, that there is very little tooth structure left. My dentist and endodontist have both recommended the crown lengthening procedure to create more tooth structure for a permanent crown. This procedure scares me. I have alot of panic and anxiety when it comes to dental work, and this particular procedure just freaks me out! I'm very nervous about the whole thing. Anyway, the periodontist who is performing the procedure usually does it under a local anesthesia. This makes me really nervous, as I often have anxiety attacks during dental procedures. My two recent root canals were extremely unpleasant (even though they were not painful, I was still in a considerable amount of distress). I have requested general anesthesia for the crown lengthening so that I don't have to be awake during the procedure. However, this is not covered under my insurance, which means it would cost me about $1,000 out of pocket for the anesthesiologist.

My questions to you all are: has anyone undergone a crown lengthening/what was it like? Are my fears warranted? Should I go for the anesthesia so I don't freak out, or will the procedure be easy to handle? For me, a root canal was completely awful, but I'm fine during a regular cleaning.

Whatever advice you can give is appreciated. Thanks!


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I was hoping someone could tell me what could be causing my son's enamel to come off on two of his teeth.
He is 18months old, and the two teeth affected are his first two teeth he got when he was 4 months old. He has never been put to bed with a bottle or cup, doesn't eat candy or junk food. I brush them at least once a day, more if he will let me. He does get a small cup of 100% juice with his breakfast, but other than that he still nurses frequently.

It doesn't seem to be bothering him, but it looks like another peice is about to come off. I have to call and set up our dental insurance with tri-care and then I will be making an appointment. I just wanted some advice in the meantime.

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