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Loose teeth in adult, but NOT due to gingivitis or periodontal disease

Hi all. I've got an important question.

This is really driving me crazy and scaring me quite a bit, of course.

Some of my teeth feel loose. I first noticed it start happening three years ago and had it checked at that time and the dentist told me he did not notice it and said that they were not moving/loose, despite myself knowing they were because I can feel them move with my tongue or hear them click. He told me my teeth and gums were healthy - so no gingivitis, etc.

I went on my way. It happened on and off and then it started to happen more frequently or I noticed it again and went to another dentist about it. He told me that he did not notice any moving and said that maybe I am just hypersensitive and notice it more than most people would notice something like that. He told me though my teeth and gums were healthy. I go on my way. Have a few other checkups, no cavities, healthy gums and teeth.

And here we are again where I'm noticing that my teeth are loose. They seem really loose. But like I said, it comes and goes. Sometimes I'll notice it more than other times and freak out because they seem really loose (usually after I have just eaten) or then there's some days I won't notice it at all. I am going to make another appointment to have them looked at on Monday... but I'm thinking I may need to see a dentist who specializes in TMJ and things of that sort since the dentist I see now does not.

I've been trying to look up reasons for loose teeth in adults and none of them seem to fit my situation. Most of what I've looked up talks of how gum disease is the main reason for loose teeth. According to two or three dentists, I have healthy gums and teeth and don't have gum disease.

So what is it?!

I've also looked up vitamin C deficiency and A deficiency being a potential cause, but I'm pretty sure I don't have that as I take tons of supplements.

There was also somewhere saying that bone loss/bone density could be a cause. I suppose maybe that could be a reason for me - but I'm 25!

I've also read that grinding and/or clenching can cause it. My dentist told me that the wear on my teeth showed I did not grind my teeth and my husband has not heard me doing that. However, I may clench and I am thinking this may be the cause, but I'm not sure. Also, I've read that TMJ can cause loose teeth. I do have TMJ. I was never diagnosed with it by a dentist or a doctor, but I have the symptoms of it and my jaw pops and cracks a LOT.

I'm now pretty much just restricting myself to eating very soft food because I'm so afraid I'm going to loose a tooth! They're not extremely loose, but they do move ever so slightly and even that I am pretty sure is not normal. And it is usually after eating. Not always, but usually.

So any ideas/lists of the causes of loose teeth in adults besides gum disease? And why would two of my dentists totally not feel them move or notice anything when I notice it all the time?
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