Vicki (pagankittykat) wrote in dental_nursing,

Crown Lengthening

Perhaps you dental experts can help a patient out? You have a unique perspective about these things...

I'm getting quite alot of dental work done now and I have some concerns. I was hoping you all might be able to help allay some of my fears.

The history: I had two root canals done about 10 years ago (both the upper and lower molars on the right side). I recently went in for a cleaning and was told that the root canals were done poorly, that there were gaps in the crowns, etc. So the root canals were redone about a week ago (the endodontist also found some nerve tissue that was never removed the first time), but the decay/infections were so bad, that there is very little tooth structure left. My dentist and endodontist have both recommended the crown lengthening procedure to create more tooth structure for a permanent crown. This procedure scares me. I have alot of panic and anxiety when it comes to dental work, and this particular procedure just freaks me out! I'm very nervous about the whole thing. Anyway, the periodontist who is performing the procedure usually does it under a local anesthesia. This makes me really nervous, as I often have anxiety attacks during dental procedures. My two recent root canals were extremely unpleasant (even though they were not painful, I was still in a considerable amount of distress). I have requested general anesthesia for the crown lengthening so that I don't have to be awake during the procedure. However, this is not covered under my insurance, which means it would cost me about $1,000 out of pocket for the anesthesiologist.

My questions to you all are: has anyone undergone a crown lengthening/what was it like? Are my fears warranted? Should I go for the anesthesia so I don't freak out, or will the procedure be easy to handle? For me, a root canal was completely awful, but I'm fine during a regular cleaning.

Whatever advice you can give is appreciated. Thanks!

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