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Welcome to the online dental community

How may we help you? :P

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Online Dental Community
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This is a community based around dentistry.

Welcome :)

Anyone can join this community, whether you may be a dentist, hygienist, dental nurse/assistant, dental receptionist, dental student, if you are wishing to persue a career in this field, or just plain obsessed with your teeth and oral hygiene.

You may also join if you wish for some dental advice, but we cannot give you 100% diagnosis or a solution (but we'll try our best). The best advice you can ever be given, is in person with a dentist, not over the internet. We cannot look into your mouth or see any radiographs of your teeth, so we never will have the full information.

Feel free to join to post dental experiences and stories also.

This community is owned and moderated by kristycore. If you need to email me due to any abuse, please do kristycore @gmail.com
There has been no conflict between any user or need for any moderation and I'd like to keep it that way.
I do not care if you post links to other websites or other livejournal communities, as long as it's related to dentistry.
But no other spam thank you :)

The only rule is if you are posting information about any patients you have seen, please do not disclose any personal information or any kind of disrespecting and uncaring information. I know we have to deal with difficult patients a lot of the time, but we don't want to be seen as uncaring people, if we post something on here that people outside the dental field would read and go "Well, I didn't think people would talk so nasty behind our backs once we leave". This is not a problem in this community, and I believe it never should become one.

Other dental communties you might be interested in joining are

dent_school - a community for current dental students.
metalmouths - a community for people who have, had or are going to have braces.
wisdom_teeth - a community about wisdom teeth advice and stories.
toothachefull - a community about creating a 20 page book about oral health.
teeth_like_whoa - a community for anything to do with teeth.

Feel free to x-post your entries here to any of the above communities. I'm sure we're all friends here ;)

Have fun and don't forget to floss :)

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